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Equipment Refurbishing

Its Yours 4 Less Refurbished Dry Cleaning and Laundry Equipment

Don’t let the idea of purchasing used equipment scare you off -Its Yours 4 Less refurbished dry cleaning and laundry equipment such as well known names like- Ajax, Cissell, Forenta, Fulton, Hurst boiler, Hoyt, Sankosha, Unimac, Unipress and other great brands, from the frame up, to ensure that your company has the best dry cleaning machinery and laundry equipment available to meet the needs of your business.

We sell our manufacturer-compliant, refurbished dry cleaning and laundry equipment up to 70% off retail prices—including dealer discounts. This discount helps trim your budget costs by buying dry cleaning or laundry equipment at unbeatable prices.  This smart investment can help you grow your business and put more profits in your pocket.

No other refurbished dry cleaning equipment business quite measures up to our exceptional standards. Our meticulous inspection and evaluation is in a class by itself.

 We begin the refurbishing process with the purchase of pre owned-good quality commercial dry cleaning and laundry machines and presses, which offer the most value for the customer. These brands include Ajax, Cissell, Columbia dry cleaning machines, Forenta, Fulton boilers, and Sankosha shirt finishing equipment, Unimac washer extractors, Unipress shirt pressing equipment and more.

We rebuild these neglected machines from the frame up to address functional needs along with aesthetics. This process can take anywhere from seven days up to 3 weeks, depending on the condition of the piece of equipment and the size of the equipment ordered.

Our professional technicians inspect and repair all major parts including bearings, computer boards (if supplied) bushings, brushes, cylinder valves, hydraulics and motors. We replace many of the old parts such as covers, decals, filters, gaskets, hydraulic hoses, pads, seals and vacuum line. We then finish the piece of equipment off by adding a fresh coat of industrial paint.

After being thoroughly tested, the refurbished environmentally friendly dry cleaning and laundry machinery is prepared for delivery. Whether on a pallet or a container for overseas shipping, we deliver the equipment to you. If it is more convenient, you can also pick up the equipment yourself.

After we have agreed with the customer on the price and have a contract for the equipment ordered, we ask for a Good Faith deposit of 50% of the sales price. Upon completion of the order, the remaining balance is then due in full before the equipment is released to the customer or to the responsible party picking up the equipment. All equipment must be paid in full before leaving our facility. No exceptions.

Call us today! 888-DCEQ-4-LE  (888-323-7453) when you want to purchase the best replacement equipment at an affordable price allowing you to keep on pressing!






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