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Dry Cleaners Plant Package

ITS YOURS 4 LESS understands that not all dry cleaning plants are alike, and each customer has different requirements.  Our custom made dry cleaning and laundry plant equipment packages offer you a wide range of affordable solutions to get your dry cleaner and laundry business up and running.

Whether your future plant is in our neighborhood or across the Atlantic, ITS YOURS 4 LESS installation technicians are ready to travel to your site and finish the project. 

Call us today! 888-DCEQ-4-LE, and find out how we can provide the right package for your business!

We’ve got the solution for you dry-cleaning business needs!

With energy saving and environmentally friendly equipment, ITS YOURS 4 LESS can provide an efficient dry cleaning plant designed to produce the best results at minimal costs. 

Our plant packages are custom tailored to fit the customer’s budget and plans.  Whether you are a modest investor or a more aggressive investor, we offer plant packages to supply the right equipment for your dry cleaning or laundry business.

 We offer:

  • Single equipment piece needs to complete plant packages
  • We offer an affordable solution to start your very own “mom and pop” dry clean and laundry plant package for only $79,000. All the equipment   for a refurbished plant package equipment and USA bound shipping only. Installation service available for an additional fee.
  • We offer our most popular dry cleaning and laundry equipment package 1500-2000 sf plant for only $119,000. This package comes with a brand new 40LB Earth friendly hydrocarbon dry cleaning machine, brand new 20 hp boiler, brand new 80 gallon energy efficient hot water heater, brand new 15 hp air compressor and refrigerated air dryer and refurbished dry cleaning and laundry equipment. Includes USA bound shipping only. Installation service available for an additional fee.

Call us today! 888-DCEQ-4-LE we look forward to helping you obtain your goal of opening and operating your very own cleaners.


Contact Us: 214-659-3030