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Dear Chris:

It is without hesitation that I write offering our sincerest thanks for all of your efforts on our behalf. We operate on a tiny island in the Caribbean with a small population and as such cannot afford new commercial laundry and dry cleaning equipment.

We have dealt with other companies but have always been disappointed when the equipment we purchased did not live up to what was said by the salesperson. What is worse, being on an island means we have little to no recourse.

We were pleasantly surprised when the equipment arrived from our first purchase from It’s Yours 4 Less, because it performed exactly as advertised. Hard to believe!

So we tried you a second time, with a larger purchase (for us) of a shirt unit. We were hesitant because 50% down and the balance before shipping are difficult payment terms. What if you don’t deliver? What recourse would we have? Our down payment was over $5000.00 and that is a lot of money for us to risk.

Added to the fact that we would not have the opportunity to actually see what is being purchased, (pictures notwithstanding) meant we were taking a huge leap of faith.

As it turned out, there were issues getting replacement parts which delayed the project. Every time I started to worry and called or emailed, Chris, you responded right away. Miracle number one, a company who actually calls you back with a live person.

And what was even better … you didn’t try to snow me … you didn’t try to lead me on or make excuses. You simply told me the truth.

The truth, hmmm, rare commodity in this day and age.

Well the unit arrived and looks very good. Every inch of the machine has been gone through and clearly there are an abundance of parts which have been replaced.

We have since made our third purchase of a medium sized washer/extractor and have no doubt it will arrive as promised.

The point is this, you have proven yourself trustworthy and I write this short note as a simple thank you. This rare quality needs to be rewarded in our business world, and as we all pull together to re-build the world economy, my only wish is that there are more and more companies who operate like Its Yours 4 Less.

Please, use our name, and feel free to have any of your customers or potential customers call us anytime.

There is nothing more powerful than a personal recommendation and you, and your company, have definitely earned ours.

With respect,

Barrie Press – Partner


Hello Chris,


Thanks for the great machine I purchased from you. The Unipress double buck shirt machine has been a very reliable machine. At first, I was a little skeptical about buying from someone so far away; however, my experience with you and your company was first class. I recommend your company to anyone in the Dry Cleaning field and look forward to working with you in the future. Thank you,

Gerald Armstrong Yakima, Washington

Contact Us: 214-659-3030